Bine® Consulting Corp.

Bine® Consulting Corp.

Websites and Software Development

Local to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bine® Consulting is run by Drew Mcpherson; Halifax's best internet marketing specialist with 6 years of research and practice into internet marketing, SEO, google rankings, traffic analysis, web design experimentation and more.

I offer the following tutoring services:
  • 1-on-1 personal tutoring tailored to your specific website
  • Gain the benefit of my 6 years of intensive hands-on experience
  • Use of Google Analytics for traffic analysis
  • Learn how I went from a 1 page homepage to a dozen sites with half a million monthly visitors
  • Little known but very effective Google search optimization techniques
  • Page layout analysis and recommendations
  • Website internal and external linking analysis
  • Social media strategies to go viral

Contact Me Now for Internet Marketing Tutoring $200/hr.

Get a leg up on your competitors. Get to the top of your internet marketing niche today!

Mission Statement

Bine Consulting is an IT / software engineering firm which designs web-based applications and e-commerce solutions and does home and corporate computer servicing.

Bine is the first company to identify itself under the umbrella of equilism. What this means in a nutshell is that Bine measures its corporate "success" in terms of the health and happiness of its employees and its customers, rather than by the bottom line dollar value.

Bine takes people seriously and recognizes that they are more than just a commodity or a tool to achieve financial wealth.

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